Recently attended Pinnacle Days in Gore Va. For those of you that do not know what Pinnacle Days is here you go:

PINNACLE DAYS – An event that began as a way to come together and remember Jason Holloway at a place he loved. It has evolved into a weekend of camping, 4-wheeling, atv’s, barbecue, music, good friends and good times. Plus, a way to raise awareness and funds for ARVD/C research at Johns Hopkins. ARVD/C is the disease that took Jason.

Jason’s parents Bonnie and Rich put on this event each year. This was our first year attending.

To say it was a “good time” would be an understatement…It was totally amazing, not just because of the reason behind Pinnacle Days but also due to the location, people, food, and scenery.

We arrived and people were just camping, talking, riding 4-wheelers and having an all around good time. Shortly thereafter the “climb” to the Pinnacle was to begin. The jeeps lined up (about 20 in all) and not having a jeep Bonnie and Rich made sure we had a ride. All together the ride to the Pinnacle took about 45 minutes and it was an amazing ride and scenic tour the entire way.

Once we arrived at the top of the Pinnacle people mingled again, talked, reminisced about Jay and just took in the view.

After being on the Pinnacle it was time to depart and go back to camp where there was live music, more mingling and then a full spread of food.

Having never attended anything like this it’s really hard to explain or image just how nice it is (you need to attend..hint..hint..) Bonnie and Rich do an amazing job.

Things I took away from it is the Pinnacle is an amazing view but more importantly was listening to Jays friends talk about him and things they use to do. Not only do you realize what a loved young man that Jay was, but also what a caring, fun and family person he was. It is apparent that Jason made an impression on all that he met and it shows. Jason will not only be remembered by his family, but in all those that he came across….

I’d like to think at night that Jay comes back to the Pinnacle, and maybe even brings some of his new friends with him to show them the beauty, and they then just let lose and ride those trails while we all sleep….