Full Name: Michael Billard
Born: 22 December 1987
Passed Away: 10 September 2007
Location: Fredericton

Michael Billard
Michael Billard


I will love you forever and always, I miss you sweetpea! 

Michael “Mikey” John Owen Billard  was born in Saint John, New Brunswick,
Canada on December 22, 1987 and died in a fatal accident on September 10,
2007 at the tender age of 19. He will be forever loved and missed!

Mikey was the youngest of 3 children and the only boy. There was a 12 year
age gap between him and his youngest sister Jamie. Jenn, the oldest and
Jamie adored and spoiled him. He was famous for asking one of them “got a 20
sheet ya can lend me?”.  Of course, they never got this 20 sheet back that
they always gave him.  It soon got to the point where he would just ask if
they had 20 bucks for him:)

Mike was also very proud to be an Uncle. He adored his nieces Jessie and
Kelly who live in New York. He was always disappointed when he missed a call
to them. They could make him laugh without even trying, he smiled the whole
time he talked with them.

Mikey loved anything to do with music, reading music, playing his drum,
skating, snowboarding, being with his family and friends and how he loved to
have fun and party!

Anyone who met Mikey instantly fell in love with him. He loved with his
whole heart and he was always laughing. He was unique and so very special.
He had a heart of gold and his smile was contagious. Mikey had the best
sense of humor and could always make you laugh. As he would say “ya gotta
chill and keep it real”.  And loyal….his friends could always count on
him, he was a protector to everyone he loved.

He could cry at the drop of a hat but he could also laugh hysterically. His
emotions always ran in high gear, I guess that was the special and unique
part of him that we all loved. He was genuine and as real as they came. What
you saw was what you got…a passionate, loving, caring, loyal and true

He was loved, he was in love, he traveled, he moved to an area he truly
wanted to be and he obtained a job that for his age he could be proud of.
But most of all he smiled and he laughed his way to Heaven. What a memory,
what a beautiful gift he was to us all.

I worried so much about Mikey. A month before he died, I was talking with
him on the phone and as always…I told him how much I worried about him. He
said to me “Mom…ya gotta chill. I’m all grown up now and I can take care
of myself. You don’t need to worry so much”.  I laughed and told him that I
would always worry about him and he laughed too. I will never forget that
call.  On the evening of September 10th, our hearts were torn apart and
broken, never to be fixed.

Mom, Trev, Jenn and Jamie



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