Full Name:  Siaosi K. Aulaumea Jr.
Born: 17 September 1990
Passed Away: 12 December 2008
Location: New Town, North Dakota

Siaosi K. Aulaumea Jr

Siaosi K. Aulaumea Jr

My Son:  I miss you Its been a short time since you’ve been gone.  I pray everyday to be strong and carry on, but I miss you.  I think of you every day, I never knew the pain of losing you my son could hurt like this and my tears start to flow.  Your memories will always remain inside my heart even when it is torn apart.  The emptiness is so lonely, it seems I won’t make it another day and I remember your smile and the secrets you told me I hold so dear to my heart.  And we talked about so many things, I could not say.  And now you’ve gone so far away, I only wished you could’ve stayed.  I miss and love you my heart is so empty and broke. I wish I could have held you my son one last time before you had to go. But I know god only calls the best home.  You taught me one last thing before you left, and that was to be strong and carry on.  You said you would always take care of me, so take my hand and guide me there.  And save a place for one day for us to share.. I love you my son MOM

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