With Mother’s Day approaching I know it won’t be easy
You brought me into this life and for that I am grateful
You nourished, cherished, and looked after me
Never once asking for anything in return

If life was perfect, I would be there with you on your special day
Instead there will tears that you will need to wipe away
Distance cannot stop the love of a mother and child
So know that I am at peace, and my heart is full of love

You don’t need to feel bad, or shed a tear
The thoughts, the dreams, and the aspirations you had for me
For your aspirations have been fulfilled
I now sit in the presence of God, what better feat could there be

There will come a time that we will be together again
I’ll be here waiting for you, just as you would me
My love for you will never diminish
Even though I am not there
You’ll always have my tender loving care

Just sit, close your eyes, and you will know
That no matter where, I am always near
You are my Best Friend, My Confidante, My Loving Mother

Happy Mother’s Day ….I Love You….

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