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Pinnacle Days 2009

I would first like to say thank you to Bonnie for coming up with the idea of  “flags” to be incorporated into “Pinnacle Days” this year. Pinnacle Days is to celebrate the life of Jason Holloway (Bonnie’s Son) and still Bonnie allowed others to become part of the day. I know, I for one can not say “Thank You” enough….

“Every year in late October on a weekend close to his birthday, we get together to celebrate the life of Jason Holloway. At his favorite place, doing his favorite activites, with those that knew and loved him. I know this puts a smile on his face!”…..Bonnie (Jason’s Mom)

Pinnacle Kids
These flag banners represent children who, like Jason, have left us way too soon.
These were made with love by family members to serve as representation of a young life.
They will travel to other events around the Country and beyond.
We have a banner from Australia.
Some parents found it too hard to make a banner at this time to their children have “filler” banners until the time is right.
Sadly, these children have indeed reached the “Pinnacle” in tehir young lives. We will continue to Love, Honor and Remember them.

“If you click on the “Flag” below it will open up a sideshow of all the flags in a new window”

Pinnacle Days

James Griffin



Full Name: James Griffin
Born: 2 Feb 1998
Passed Away: 10 Sept 2004
Location: Dublin, Ireland

“Always on my mind, forever in my heart, all my love mam xxx”

Cindy Bourner

Full Name: Cindy Bourner
Born: 3 April 1965
Passed Away: 24 Sep 2008
Location: Tonypandy, Wales UK
“No length of time can take away my thoughts of you each day


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