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Perpetual Care

I have done a lot of reading on Perpetual Care trying to make heads or tails of it. All the “laws” pretty much cover the monies aspect and how it is suppose to be run from a business aspect.


I was more concerned with the actual “Perpetual Care” part of it relating to caring for our loved ones.


It has appeared to me that this is really just a big business, no matter how you look at it. Yes, I totally understand that there are caring people out there that deal with you in time of need and get your through the process of what needs to be done. Yet, it appears to me that once those steps have been completed then it is basically over. Which by all measures I assume it would be over because you don’t expect people working at the cemeteries to coddle to your every move. In actuality you would probably prefer to be left alone while you are visiting your love one on any given day.


The “any given day” brings me to my point. On “any given day” if you go to visit with your loved one or even your loved ones friends go to visit then I would expect the area to be presentable. Now to some this may vary according to your taste. For instance if it is mowing season and the grounds look like they have not been mowed in a week or more then to me that is a problem. If it looks like it was mowed and nobody bothered to weed eat then that is a problem. If it looks like they mowed and ran the weed eater and did not wipe off the monuments then that is a problem.


I will admit I am rather picky in this arena. This is the home of my “Loved One” and I paid for it. I also am guaranteed “Perpetual Care”….So I would like to receive that.


I want the grass mowed, the weed eating done, and the monuments wiped off. That would be the very least I would expect done. Going to the extreme I have no problem whatsoever walking the grounds when we are there and picking up things that fell over on their own for one reason or another or picking up some flowers that have blown out of a vase. But, why could the people that work there not do a daily walk-thru and check these things also? On the way to work or leaving work take that extra few minutes and check the grounds for things that are out of place.


For the rest of my life, and my family’s life, this is the home of our loved one. I expect and deserve to have it look beautiful at all times.


Remember like I said I am sure there are places out there that go out of their way for your loved ones and they need to be commended on the job they do.


Below are pictures from the day after mowing. The right picture as

you can see is readable (after I cleaned it). Whoevers loved one

this is would of visited for the 1st Easter without their loved one

and saw what is on the left.



Below is another example after mowing and weed eating. I would

imagine that it would of taken an extra minute to wipe the stone

area off. (Of course this might have to be done to other stones)



Below are examples of what Perpetual Care is not. In total there

were 4 different locations that there were “massive” holes. Granted

dirt can settle when placed. These holes were there for FOUR DAYS

until they were pointed out to have them fixed.



Below are pictures of 2 different locations that straw is put down

and the items the family had in place are basically just thrown to

the side. (No reason the straw could not of been put down and the
items put back in place)


Erich Ray Jr


Full Name: Erich Ray Jr
Born: 16 July 1988
Passed Away: 15 July 2008
Location: Philadelphia, PA

E.J. I hold you in my heart forever

Johnny Giovanni


Full Name: Johnny Giovanni
Born: 14 March 2009
Passed Away: 14 March 2009
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Johnny Giovanni

Johnny Giovanni

God, since I didnt get a chance to tell my angel about you, can you hold him on your lap and tell him about me?




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